About us

Who we are

Al Manashy Est. for trade, established in 1992 and is engaged in the acts of general contracting, trade and building materials.

Al Manashy group has strategic international and national alliance In construction, Manufacturing and Trade in Saudi Arabia.

Al Manashy offers diverse, comprehensive high end quality products and services.

Al Manashy has expanded its activities to include:

  • Manufacturing and supplying
  • Steel structure
  • Steel doors
  • Hollow metal doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Hardware and Accessories

Our speech

Manufacturing basic materials that serve the engineering and construction sector in KSA has become an urgent requirement to the market in KSA as a result of the massive construction boom taking place in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today which comes in the shade of general boom that our blessed country witnesses.

Our experience in the market, which extends since 1986, made us feel this growing need for the market requirements of building materials and materials used in different types of buildings. So, we established ALManashy Doors to cope with that growth by setting up a modern and developed factory specialized in producing one of the most important building and construction requirements which is the doors with all its kinds including the hollow, fire resistant and wooden doors and metal door frames. ALManashy Doors is a company and a factory based on practical work principles. It works within an integrated work hierarchy that consists of phases and work cycles including administrative, technological, marketing, media and environmental aspects which work together to provide the community and the market with suitable products.

Our role in ALManashy Doors is to secure a modern work environment that comply with the requirements of the market according to high quality work mechanisms as to performance to meet the requirements of all customers and the needs of the community and the market, participate in developing the economy and ensure permanent flow of our products in the market.


The focus of our vision in ALManashy Doors is to lead the industry of metal and wooden doors and to produce doors with all the specifications that big projects and individuals require, so that ALManashy Doors will be the element that cannot be dispensed with and the best alternative to all customers and consumer all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC countries and the Middle East.


Understanding the needs of our customer, expectations and requirements by working side by side with our clients to overcome any differences and to try exceeding customers expectations By facilitating the services provided by suppliers to offer complete satisfaction to our clients and Continue to improve the outcomes through regular monitoring of our progress.


ALManashy Doors endeavors to serve the constructions and contracting sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the sector that is witnessing increasing growth, through provision of high quality products, technologies and services to all companies working in the field of constructions and contracting with competitive prices that achieve balance between quality and cost.