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Institute and Architectural Design Specifications forquality and ingenuity, you've come to the right ,place Al Manashy the leader inhollow Metal door innovation


Al Manashy Hollow Metal Doors are....

* 20 gauge , 18 gauge , 16 gauge or 14 gauge , cold-nolledsteel

* with our standard 18 gauge door built for commercial-duty

* with our 14 gauge door designed for abusive applications

* with our G90 Galvanized steel door for corrosiveapplications

* cleaned phosphorylation , and painted with a single coatof rust inhibitive primer

* universally handed due to our mirrored hole pattern andreversible filler plate


And Al Manashy Hollow Metal Doors come with .....

* special pan & lid Construction

* Polystyrene , honeycomb , urethane , or fiberboard cores

* plug-welds to prevent sagging and increase door stiffnessby 40%

* 200mm , 5mm hing reinforcements

* an extra-long, high frequency , top hinge reinforcementwith 50% more welds and extra length for added strength

* 16 gauge , recessed top and bottom channels for easy fieldtrim

* top channel may be made flush at no charge

* a lock reinforcement , prepped for a cylindrical lock witha 70 mm backseat or a mortise lock with a 70 mm backseat

* a closer reinforcement box

* hemmed edges for 20-16 gauge units for extra smoothtransition between faces  

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