• Steel Doors

    steeldoorAl Manashy Doors and Frame Systems Constantly Strive to meet the Demands of the hollow Steel door and steel door frame industry by providing premium products superior quality a strong service commitment ,and value are Al Manashy watch worlds Standard Features built into each steel door and frame reflects constant attention to detail and performance .

  • Wooden Doors

    steeldoorAl - Manashy wood doors have been standing strong while standing out .with thousands of standard choices and infinite custom options ,we have the perfect door to represent your creativity and style get any wood any size anywhere ,choose the right door and welcome beauty ,elegance ,character and quality to your life

  • Frames

    steeldoorAl Manashy can provided most types and styles of steel doors and frames for interior and exterior use and is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both custom and standard doors and frames on the same order through our ability to produce uniquely designed doors and frames ,

  • Hardwares & Accessories

    steeldoorAl Manashy offers a complete range of door hardware and accessories from America and Europe. This gives us the ability to comply with USA standards, EN and BS thus providing the right accessory for your project. Whether it be for a fire door or acoustic door we have the hardware to suit the application.

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  • A new factory for wooden doors
    25/ 11/ 2012

    Will be, God willing, opening New Factory for wooden doors in 2013